About Us

Ruttaphong Worachartudomphong.
Information and Communication Technology
(Game Design Major)
Silpakorn University
Born 21 May 1987

For now, I work with freelance and out source project. I?m brand new designer and programmer. But I?ve been work with many publishing, web design and programming, interactive and also game programming. If you not sure my ability, just look my work hear and designed to contact me.

Tell. : (+66)8 0916 6690
Email : maggotgluon@gmail.com

I?m not the best but I?ll try to do best. Now I?m using macbook for my work. I also have i bit programmer and graphic design skill :

  • HTML : I can use WYSIWYG and edit source code.
  • Web design : Design with assume layout with full of usability.
  • PHP : Dynamic web connect with hosting and database. Editing code of CMS
  • Action Script : Flash programming and Flash game programming. Using the powerful tool from Adobe
  • Digital Painting and Retouching : Using many kind of program to create unlimited work
  • 3D and dynamic : Model and Animating 3D environment with dynamic and maya scripts.
  • Postproduction : Sound editing and Media cutting using professional tools.



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